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Date: 9th April 2016
RFID Handheld Reader

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The processor

Cortex A7 1.2GHZ The processor

Memory capacity


The operating system

Android 4.22

Wireless communications


GPRS, EDGE , 4-band 900/1800,850/1900


band 850/2100,Cat.8 HSDPA Cat.6 HSUPA


Conform to the IEEE 802.11b/g


Conform to the Bluetooth 4.0


4.3’IPS display, The resolution of the 480*800, Gabo Lingual perspective, the sun is visible

Touch screen

Support more capacitive touch

Indicator light

Network indicator light, charge indicator


Support the speech

Micro SD card

Support 32 gb MICRO SD card

Data security

Product is the data security protection, in a completely off electricity (remove the
battery and the power converter), data is not lost

GPS indicators(Optional)

Channel: channel 12
Receive types: L1, C/A code and carrier phase smoothing
Heavy capture: < 1 s
The latest ASIC chip; A squadron of patent algorithms; EVEREST multipath
suppression technology
Error range: < = 10 meters

Navigation map

Support navione, baidu, Google, gold and other navigation map

The input method

Full-screen handwriting, half screen handwriting, strokes and pinyin, Numbers, letters,

Physical interface

High-speed USB2.0 interface equipment end, 3.5 stick related plug-in interface


The rear 500 w megapixel camera with flash

The flashlight

Low power consumption LED lights lighting, emergency use

The fingerprint module

Sensor types: inductive, image size: 256 * 288, image resolution: 500 dpi

Registration time < 3 seconds, compare the time < < 0.1 s, than in time of 0.5 seconds (100)

Boomed from < 0.1%, recognize false rate < 0.001%, fingerprint capacity: 512

A dimensional barcode(Optional)

Read code system

Can read all kinds of main one-dimensional bar code: Code 39、Code 93、Code
128、Codebar、EAN-13、EAN-8、UPC-A、UPC-E、ITF 14、UCC/EAN-128、
ITF 25、Matrix 25、EAN-128、ISBN
Read distance

0 cm~50 cm

Read rate

First read rate of 99% or more, the error rate of 0.01% or less, false reject rate is 0.01% or less

Two dimensional barcode(Optional)


Hardware decoding, the decoding speed and error rate of 0.01% or less


Hardware decoding, the decoding speed and error rate of 0.01% or less

RFID   (Optional)

Ultra high frequency(915MHz)

More than 3 m distance for EPC C1 GEN2 / ISO18000-6 - c protocol of 900 MHZ tag read operation (associated with tags and antenna)

High frequency(13.56MHz)

0 ~ 7 cm range for ISO15693, ISO14443 double deal 13.56 MHz tags for reading and writing (associated with tags and antenna)

Low frequency

125 K / 134.2 K animal ear tag


Support two PSAM card

High frequency (CPU card read)

Support the CPU card read and write, used with PSAM

Active in close communication (Optional Customers need to provide module)

Active 2.45 G

Distance is 200 m, 200 m label can be read all at once


Read more than 200 m distance, distance is adjustable

Battery performance

The battery

4100 mah lithium polymer battery, standby time: more than 150 hours,working
time: more than 8 hours, ac adapter charging (1a)

The battery standby time

After a full charge, the wireless communication function on standby, after 360
hours, can run normally

Battery charging time

Charging time < 4.5 hours

Charging time

More than 8 hours (a charge)

The work environment

Operating temperature


Storage temperature


Relative humidity


Protection grade


Physical parameters

The total weight

Less than 300 grams (including battery,charger are not included)

The fuselage size

148 (length) x 77.5 (width) x 27 (thick) plus or minus 2 mm

The attachment


11 lithium battery, charger, USB data line 1.